Monday, May 21, 2012

Picking Up More Than Weights

The area at my gym where I stretch has a wall of mirrors.  One day, I saw a woman staring at herself in the mirror.  And by staring at herself, I mean she was checking herself out as she smiled at and admired herself.  Sure, she looked cute.  She had on matching pants and tank, her hair was down and straight, and her make-up was completely done (clearly not breaking a sweat).  I then looked at myself in the mirror.  While my tank and shorts didn't clash, they could not be considered a matching outfit.  My hair was disgustingly sweaty and pulled back into my typical ponytail and headband.  My make-up was non-existent (Thank goodness because let's be honest...if I had been wearing any before my sweat would have made it drip down my face by now.  No make-up is definitely the better option).  I can only assume that this woman came to the gym trying to impress some guys.



Recently, my boyfriend asked how I would feel about getting hit on me or asked me out at the gym. I hadn't really thought about it before, but clearly this woman had.  I can confidently say that I look my worst at the gym.  I am definitely not going (nor have I ever gone) to the gym with the intention of being picked up.  I'll admit the idea of being hit on at the gym initally didn't seem like such a great situation.  First of all, I'm usually pretty "zoned out" when I'm at the gym.  So, even if someone tried to, I don't think I would realize it or notice them. Secondly, like I've said before, I don't look my cutest at the gym.  Why someone would see me, think I looked cute, and want to talk to me is beyond me.

After I gave it more thought, I realized maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.  I mean if a guy likes you when without any make-up, sweaty, and in yucky clothes I can only imagine what he would think once I dressed up to go out!  So girls...I'm not saying to fix yourself up for the gym (definitely not saying that).  But be open to the idea if a cute guy comes up to you to ask a question!  And maybe smile at that cute guy on the treadmill next to you.

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