Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breckenridge Fun

I didn't post at all last week because I was on vacation in Breckenridge with my family.  My family met up in Breckenridge on a Sunday and stayed through the Friday after the 4th of July.  It was an incredibly fun trip filled with lots of family time, activity, and food!

Breckenridge is a gorgeous city with unbelievable weather.  It was in the 70s during the day and cool at night.  The perfect weather for a mountain vacation.  Each morning we woke up bright and early with my wonderful, energetic nephew Nathan.

Some mornings we even had a fox come visit us on our front porch.

After eating breakfast at the condo, we would set out and start our days.  Some days we had planned morning activities like white water rafting, massages, or fly fishing.  There were a pool and hot tub next to our condo that we went to a couple times.  Also, each day we went a long walk (usually several) either on trails or around the downtown area.

We also ate some amazing food!  My favorite places by far were Mary's Mountain Cookies and Park and Main (does not have a website set up yet).  Mary's Mountain Cookies has some of the best cookies  that I have had in a long time and they are probably the size of half of your face.  I got a cookies with COW (craisins, oatmeal, and white chocolate chips).  I also tried the chocolate chip and Scotchie cookies.  All were amazing and I'm hungry just thinking about them.  Park and Main is a great sandwich place that has unusual, gourmet sandwiches.

We were there for the 4th of July, which was a lot of fun!  In the morning there was a parade.  Tons of people on bikes, horses, and trucks drove down the main road.  The wrestlers on top of a school bus and people blowing bubble were some of my favorite parade participants (can't really call them floats). They all threw candy to the kids as they passed by (clearly I was disappointed they were not throwing candy to me too).

At the parade

Cool chalk art for the kids on the 4th

After the parade, we went for an All American lunch of hot dogs at Sloppy Dog.  My dad and brother in law were extremely excited for this place! They have crazy hot dogs like the Fuego (hot pepper relish, Frito crunchies, and yellow mustard) and the Picnic (coleslaw, kettle chips, pickle, spicy brown mustard, and American cheese).

In addition to it being the 4th of July, my dad's birthday was the next day.  Instead of our usual cereal and bum bums (that's what my nephew calls berries) at the condo, we went into town for brunch.  Later  my dad, sister, and I went on a long hike.  At night, we went to a special dinner at Hearthstone.  While dinner was obviously amazing, I want to talk about dessert.  My dad can't have milk and does not get to usually enjoy dessert at restaurants.  My mom called the restaurant ahead of time and told them about my dad's dietary restrictions.  The restaurant went above and beyond!  At dessert, they came out with a 3 tier chocolate cake.  We were a little suspicious of the cake at first because it definitely did not look (or taste) dairy free.  However, we were told that it was in fact dairy free.  It was delicious! We later met this incredible chef and thanked him.

During vacation, it can be easy to overdue it with food and skimp on exercise.  While we ate lots of amazing food, we also were extremely active.  It's okay to indulge when you are on vacation!  Vacation is a break from your day to day life and that includes your regular eating routine.  However, remember to make choices and not overdo it too much (for example: I would have loved to go to Mary's Mountain Cookies every day, but I restrained myself).  Also, stay active!  Vacations are the perfect time to go on walks and explore different areas and cities you wouldn't otherwise.  Colorado is the perfect place for exploring and walking around, but are other places too!  Also, even with all of our walking and hiking around, my sister and I even went to the gym one day.

Have fun on vacation and don't get down on yourself just because you broke your diet or didn't get that full training run in.  You can always get back on track!  I had an incredible vacation with my family and loved the time that I spent with them.

My nephew on his first horseback ride

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