Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Funday After Being MIA

It has definitely been a hectic week.  It was my last week at my current job and I have been going out and eating at night with my friends.  Tuesday, I had a Whole Foods date night Nikki.  We have regular Whole Foods dates and I'm going to miss them lots!  We both hunt around for samples and then load up our bowls to the top at the salad bar.  We usually go to the candy aisle afterwards, but this week we opted for chocolate cake.  It was obviously delicious (let's be honest...there are few things at Whole Foods that are not).

A picture of Nikki and I after a bike ride from the other week.

Wednesday night, I met my friend Nicole (haha guess it was the week of Nicoles) for dinner at Slurping Turtle.  The chef behind Slurping Turtle is Takashi, a current competitor on Top Chef Masters.  Slurping Turtle is essentially Japanese comfort food.  

Our waiter was great!  He was extremely helpful in telling us what was good and telling us about the different dishes (not to mention he also gave us hints about other good restaurants nearby).  We shared two appetizers which were sesame soy marinated salmon and sweet corn croquettes.  Both were amazing and I especially liked the salmon.  For our main meals, we both opted for noodle based bowls instead of soup bowls since it was hot outside (I got the soup based bowl last time and it was awesome).  Nicole got Yaki Udon and I got the Chiyan Pon.  Both were really good and so different! The servings were huge and I definitely had some leftover for the next day.

Nicole and I at St Patrick's Day last year.

This week was only the beginning of so many more incredible meals to come!  Next week my mom is coming to Chicago to help me pack.  I will try to fill y'all in on the move and all the incredible meals.  Sorry for the lack of recipes lately, but I have taken a cooking hiatus these past few weeks.  Once I'm in Houston expect lots of cooking and baking!

And now.....Friday Funday!

Eggplant Stacks: This is a yummy looking summer dish with farmer's market ingredients.

Triple Threat Cupcake: It's every dessert you could want in one.  All you need to do is eat it with some ice cream on the side.

Me In the Winter: This pretty much sums up my winter wardrobe.  I guess this will probably change when I move to Houston.

Palazzo Margherita: I love this doorway.  It looks so interesting having a door within the door.

Foldover Clutch: I love the colors on this! 

Chobani Soho Cafe: What?! I read about this but didn't believe it!

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