Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Healthy APPreciation

I'm not the most tech savvy person.  If I'm being honest, I would actually classify myself as technologically challenged.  I'd rather call costumer service on the phone than look it up on my computer. I like going to the bank teller to deposit my checks instead of using the ATM.  When something is wrong with my computer my go-to solution is to turn it off and pretend nothing happened.  So, when my parents had i-phones before I did, I was not surprised.  It took me about a year to "cave in" and finally up-grade to the i-phone.

I obviously loved the i-phone once I got it.  It provides me endless entertainment for my 50 minute commute to work. I use it to facetime chat with my newphew.  It's always good for taking a picture of that awkward person I see on the bus or at the gym as proof when I tell my friends about them later.  Plus, there are so many incredible apps out there for health, fitness, and cooking. Here are a couple that I either use or have heard great things about:

Nike Training Club: I have to give my friend Stevie a huge thank you for introducing me to this app!  This app is like having your own hand-held personal trainer.  You can choose workouts from 4 categories (get lean, get toned, get strong, and get focused) and 3 level in each category (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  This app makes it convienent to do new workouts both at the gym and home with minimal (or no) equipment.

Livestrong: For those trying to diet and watch their calorie intake, this is a great app.  Livestrong allows you to enter your current weight, measurements, and goal weight in order to calculate a daily calorie intake goal.  You are then able to track your meals and workouts to make sure you are meeting your goal.  Livestrong also lets you create your own recipes so that you know the nutrition information for your homemade meals.
(Side note: While calorie counting works for some people, it is not for everyone!  Personally, calorie counting causes me to gain weight beause I see the unused calories and use them towards eating junk food. However, for those who like to count calories and find it helpful, this is a great app!)

Run Keeper: I started using this app while I was training for the half marathon. Run Keeper tracks your runs to tell you how far you have gone and what your current and overall paces are.  You can link it up to a playlist and have it give you a status update every mile.  All of your past workouts are saved so that you can look back and see your progress over time.  It is a great app for making sure you are reaching your target goals whether that is a specific distance or pace.

Epicurious: Epicurious is based on a website that collects recipes from food magazines such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, and more.  This is a great app for finding new recipes and saving ones you want to try or have tried and loved.  Another great feature of this app is that it lets you create a shopping list so that you can keep track of what you need when at the grocery store.

Does anyone use any other health or cooking apps that they reccommend?

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  1. This is the most personally timely thing ever! I've only had the iphone for a week, but have found a few cool things. I LOVE run keeper, it has totally reinvigorated my distance running. As for food- I've found that Shop Well and Food on the Table are helpful. Shop well bases recommendations off of personal profiles, like dietary restrictions and personal preferences. FOTT helps save money by finding your local stores and basing recipe choices off their current sale items and creating a shopping list for you (even telling you which aisle to look in!).