Monday, May 7, 2012

To the Market We Go

One of my favorite times of the year started this past weekend...the farmer's market!  This past Saturday was the first day of the Green City Farmer's Market and naturally I made it to opening day along with some of my friends.

Tents set up for the market

Green City Market is the only truly green farmer's market in Chicago and is located in Lincoln Park. Since the market is held close to the lakefront, I usually plan my long weekend runs so that the run ends at the market.  I carry some money with me in my shorts zipper so that I can buy all the yummy goodies to treat myself when I'm done.  Ending my run at the farmer's market gives me something to look forward to when I am done running (besides just finishing).

The market has seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, herbs, flowers, and much more! Since this past weekend was the opening weekend, there was not a large variety of fruit and vegetables.  The two main types of produce at the market this past weekend were apples and asparagus.  There were also fewer booths set up than usual.  I'm hope that in the next few coming weeks more booths and produce will be availible.

Purple asparagus

Honey crisp apples (my favorite type)

Another great part of the Green City Market is the baked goods and other prepared foods.  They have loaves of bread, cookies, crepes, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, pies, and grilled cheese just to name a few of the delicious snacking options.  

Fresh vegetable and egg breakfast sandwich

My go-to items every weekend are apples and flowers.  However, I try to get at least one other fresh fruit or vegetable to experiment with and prepare for the week.  As I get new and different items at the farmers market, I will post about it and the recipes I make with it.  Unfortunately, I was not in an asparagus mood this week, so all I got were apples and flowers.  Hopefully in the coming weeks more produce will be available.

I definitely recommend checking out what farmer's markets are near you.  For those who live in Chicago, click here for more information about various farmer's markets around the city.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Look forward to new fun posts throughout the week!

Beautiful flowers from the market

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