Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking Good While Breaking a Sweat

It has finally stopped raining and feels like summer in Chicago, which means back to running outside!  Despite having lived in the cold weather for 8 years now, I still hate running in the cold.  Since I run inside the gym for over half of the year, I look forward to summer time outside running.  Aside from the sunny sky and lakefront calling my name, nothing gets me more excited to run than showing off some new summer running clothes.  My three summer running clothes essentials are tank, shorts, and headband (all easy and basic items).  Here are a couple of my favorites in difference price ranges.


I'm not usually a fan of the built in bra running shirts, but this one I love!  It's supportive and the loose tank keeps you cool.  If you are going to splurge on a top, I definitely recommend this one.

I love the Gap and was so happy when Gap Body started including running clothes.  Gap's tanks come in so many fun, bright colors...what's not to love!

My huge pet peeve is constantly having to pull down my top when I run because it keeps slowly climbing up my stomach.  I love that Target's tank is long so this is never a problem!


The shorts from lululemon are always my big splurge item.  These are great shorts for running outside because they have a zipper in the back to keep your key.  Plus they are extremely light weight!

I have had these Nike shorts since high school. They are definitely a no fail, go to pair of shorts.

My obvious go to headband is the scunci no slip grip headband from Walgreens (no picture needed).  They are the most basic, cheapest headbands. And like the name says...they don't slide around or fall off.

However, if you feel like splurging on your headbands or want one that is more fun than just plain black check out this one.  Other great headbands are called Bic Bands.  I read about these in other blogs, saw them at an expo, and decided to give them a try.  They come in fun patterns and different sizes.

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