Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Funday!

I decided to try and start something new with my blog.  One of my favorite blogs, Iowa Girl Eats (definitely check her out), has Friday Favorites.  It is basically awesome pictures, quotes, recipes, DIY projects, etc she has seen throughout the week.  I love this idea and look forward to it on her blog every Friday.  I talked to her and decided to bring it over to Sweet Tooth Runner.  I'm calling it Friday Funday!  So, today will kick off the first official Friday Funday of the blog.  If you ever come across something you think would be good for Friday Funday send it to me and I'll check it out!

Chocolate Filled Strawberries: A fun twist on chocolate covered strawberries.

So true! This is what I think as I walk down the street every day.

Mosaic Staircase: This gorgeous staircase is in San Fransisco.  Truly stunning!

Candy Thief: This guy definitely surpasses my love for chocolate and peanut butter. (no picture because this article is ridiculous enough on it's own)

How To Cut a Mango: Mangoes are in season, but they are always tricky to cut.  Check this out for mess free cutting.

Liquid Awesome: The picture says it all.

Riesling Strawberry Slushie: The perfect summertime drink.

Work Harder: Ways to burn more calories and make yourself work harder during your workout.  My favorite is #3.

Mug Cakes: I love this idea! Easy for a one serving, quick, yummy dessert!  The one shown below is peanut butter chocolate, but there are so many other yummy flavors!

Diving Dogs: Awesome! These dogs are experiencing pure joy.

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding: So good! And now you can make it at home.

And this last one to start your weekend off right! I can't remember where I found it, but it was too cute not to include:

Have a great weekend!

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