Monday, June 25, 2012

Millions of peaches, peaches for me

This weekend rounded out my first week of half marathon training.  On Saturday, I did a 5 mile run along the lakefront.  I woke up early so that I got done with my run before the heat started.  To be honest, I don't really mind waking up early on Saturday because I'm actually up early anyway.  For some reason, I just don't sleep in anymore (far from my college days where the name on my mailbox was "Sleeping Fink").

The weather was gorgeous, barely a cloud in the sky, and so many other people were out running and biking along the trail.  I guess that I was a little too excited about my run because my first mile was over a minute faster than my typical pace.  Thank goodness for the Run Keeper App (see summary in this post incase you missed it before) or else I would have never been able to finish at that pace!  I ended up finishing the run at my goal pace.  Let's hope I keep it up for the rest of training!

As usual, I ended my run at the farmer's market.  There is so much more fruit and vegetables compared to the first week it opened!  I obviously got myself apples and flowers, but two other things caught my eye.  Cherries and peaches!  I was so excited to see they were now in season.  I probably ate half my bag of cherries on my walk home (not sure if this is a benefit or downside of stopping at the farmers market post run).

I had a special recipe in mind for the peaches...brown butter peach crumble bars.  I found the recipe for these bars at How Sweet Eats.  This blog always has incredible recipes and I especially love her desserts.  She always has unique, fun ideas that I would not have thought of.  Not to mention all her her recipes are indulgent and everyone I have attempted to make is absolutely delicious!

The bars did not fail to disappoint!  They were basically like eating a peach cobbler in a bar form (and you can never go wrong with peach cobbler).  The peaches made the bars perfectly juicy.  When you make these, and I say when not if because you would be an idiot not to make them, aim to cook them so that the edges are slightly browned and crispy.  The middle will still be soft, gooey, and amazing!

Just look at that peachy goodness!  Unfortunately, Ricky was not working this weekend to give his seal of approval.  However, I can confirm that these are incredible and you MUST make them ASAP!

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