Monday, July 23, 2012

Crepes Galore

Last Thursday, I did a crepe making class with two of my friends.  The class was through a company called Flip Crepes.  They have a couple different crepe making classes and are soon expanding to also have fondue and chocolate making classes.

My friends and I did the "Girl's Night" crepe class.  It was a BYOB class and focused on dessert crepes.  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the cooking instructor, Betsy, with a glass of champagne.  Betsy told us about her background and seemed extremely knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly.

There were several counters set up around the room.  Each counter accommodated 2 people and was set up with all the ingredients and supplies that we would need.

Ingredients for the crepes and skillet to cook on

Crepe fillings....yum!

Betsy instructed us as we made the crepe dough.  The dough had basic ingredients that someone would easily have at home (flour, milk, eggs...).  She explained to us the difference between making sweet and savory crepes.  The main difference is in the flour used (sweet uses white and whole wheat but savory uses white, whole wheat, and buckwheat flour).  Also, we added cinnamon to our dessert crepes for a little "something special".

After a demo on how to cook the crepes, we attempted to do it ourselves.  My first attempt was a fail.  Betsy had talked about "committing" to flipping the crepes and apparently I was not committed enough.  My crepe came out with more like a folded tortilla than a flat crepe.  However, after my initial mess up, I got the hang of it!  I became a crepe making pro (or at least I'd like to think so).

Lindsey measuring out the crepe dough

Stephanie perfected crepe making on her first try!

After making a couple crepes, we took a break and ate.  I made one with nutella and one with raspberry jam.  In addition the nutella and jelly combos, Lindsey and Stephanie made a cinnamon sugar crepe.  All of them were obviously delicious!  However, my favorite was naturally the nutella.

After eating, I decided to attempt an in the air crepe flip.  Success!

Overall the class was great!  I initially thought crepe making was going to be difficult, but it was actually extremely easy and fun.  It is definitely something that I could do at my apartment with my own cooking tools for a dessert party or brunch.  My friends and I already talked about doing a crepe party for our other friends.  Now all I need is an industrial sized nutella jar and I'm all set!


  1. that class looks awesome! you've inspired me to look for classes in my area to learn things like this - i'm terrified of making crepes but it looks like once you get the hang of it, it's not too tough!

    1. i love taking classes! i have done a couple others and they are always so much fun!

  2. Looks so fun!!