Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Actually Using My Pins

Just like so many other people, I love Pinterest.  I pin things all of the time.  I love that I can keep track of all the interesting recipes, workouts, and quotes that I have found on the Internet.  I have accumulated tons of recipes and workouts that I was convinced I would make.  Unfortunately, just like so many other people, my Pinterest boards grow and grow and yet I do not fully utilize them.

Today, I changed that! Twice!

As part of my training, I'm suppose to do weights on Mondays.  I usually do my usual weights and call it a day.  Today, I did two strength sequences that I pinned.

I modified the abs workout by doing a plank at the end instead of the v-sit (for no reason other than I like planks better).  I was glad that I switched up my workout.  Doing the same thing can really get boring and this definitely mixed it up.  I'm sure my abs will be sore!

For dinner, I made a pinned recipe that I hadn't tried before.  It was Black Bean, Corn, and Cilantro Frittata.  Frittatas are extremely easy to make and are great for breakfast or dinner. You just prep some veggies, beat the eggs, put it in the pan, and bake.  This recipe had a southwestern twist and sounded awesome.  I made one minor change to the recipe.  I'm picky about the type (and by type I actually mean color) of peppers I eat.  I do not like red peppers at all...weird I know.  So instead of using frozen onions and peppers, I used fresh ones that I sauteed

I used to make frittatas all the time and used a 9 inch pie pan.  Apparently, I hadn't made one since I lived with my roommates a little over a year ago.  When I went to search for "my" 9 inch pie pan, I realized that I never owned one and that it was actually one of my old roommates.  Opps! I improvised and used a 9 x 9 inch pan instead.

I topped it off with some salsa and Sriracha.  It was delicious!  I am so happy that I finally made this recipe from my Pinterest board.  I will definitely start making more of the recipes I pin in the future.


  1. what a good pinterest day. i think i'm going to make that a goal to try at least once a month - have a day where i do new things (food, workout, etc.) that i've pinned. good way to mix it up!

  2. that was my pan!! haha glad it still turned out yummy :)

  3. Looks delicious!!!!!!! Yum!

    xo, Julie