Thursday, August 2, 2012

Obsessed with the Olympics

Like so many other people, I have become obsessed with watching the Olympics.  Minus the Opening Ceremonies, this year's Olympics have been one of my favorites to watch.  The Olympics have been so incredible this year with so many inspiring and amazing athletes.  Every night after work, I watch the various competitions (I mostly have been paying attention to gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, and diving).  And then in the morning, all my favorite athletes are highlighted and interviewed.  It's sad but I feel like I know them because I have watched them so much over the past week.

How can you not love Missy Franklin.  SHe is a 17 year old, gold metal winner who is still so down to Earth and a "normal" teenager.

Rogers (aka "The Professor") and Dalhausser are a great team to watch. Their chemistry (haha like that corny joke right there) is unbelievable.

The "greatest beach volleyball team of all time", May-Treanor and Walsh (who had 2 children since the last Olympic games) are going for their 3rd Olympic win.

First USA team gold since 1996...unbelievable!

Yup, that wink is meant for me.  If I knew how to wink without looking like an idiot, I would wink right back at you.

Last weekend, I watched the Olympics for a pretty good portion of my Sunday (and by that I mean basically all day minus when I left for brunch and the grocery, obviously).  BUt when someone asked me what I did that day, I felt totally okay saying that I stayed home watching the Olympics.  I mean, it only happens once every four years right!?

I was talking with a friend last night and we agreed that not only are the actual Olympic Games amazing, but the commercials are too!  I know it sounds stupid but I'll totally admit that I don't mind the commercial breaks.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

My friend Ally told me about this one and I LOVE it.  By far one of my favorites.

The Olympic athletes aren't always serious.  Fitting in with the "Call Me Maybe" craze, the USA Olympic swimmers made a video themselves.  I know this song is so overplayed, but I couldn't resist.  And I know you will press play because there are some pretty good looking men swimmers in the video:

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  1. i love the idea of the banana chips in the granola bars. if i won that giveaway, i would be all over making those granola bars because they look absolutely insanely good.

  2. My entire week has been wake up, turn on NBC, go to work, come home, work out, turn on NBC, go to bed. And repeat. Haha. I love the Olympics so much!!