Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Start the Day off Right

Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Once I wake up in the morning, I'm hungry for breakfast.  Eating breakfast is no problem for me.  It's my favorite meal of the day!  However, not everyone is the same way.  So, why is it important to eat breakfast?  There are 3 main benefits of eating breakfast:

Learn to love breakfast

1. Boosts your energy.
When you are hungry, your energy starts to decrease.  Eating first thing in the morning, kick starts you day and energy level.  Eating breakfast will give you more energy to carry you through your morning than a cup of coffee.

2. Increases your attention span.
I have a hard time paying attention or focusing on anything when I am hungry.  Eating breakfast helps you to concentrate and be productive when you get to work in the morning.  You you skip breakfast, you are depriving yourself of being focused in the morning.

3. Starts your day with positive nutrition.
Eating a healthy, well balanced breakfast is a great one to kick start a day of positive nutrition.  When you start you day on a positive note, you will be more likely to continue it throughout the day and feel better about yourself too.

What does a well balanced, optimal breakfast consist of?  Check back tomorrow for some yummy, well-balanced breakfast ideas!

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