Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Fun runs are offered in every city throughout the year.  Every year I run the Turkey Trot with my dad over Thanksgiving (which I love) and maybe another fun run or two thrown in throughout the year (like the Hot Chocolate Run because who would want to pass up a fun run that hands out Ghirardelli chocolate).  This past weekend, I participated in possibly the best 5k race possible....The Color Run.

The Color Run is a 5k (3.1 mile) course along the Lakefront.  Everyone comes wearing white clothing or in costumes like tutus and painter suits.  There are 4 color stations throughout the course.  At each station, people throw colors powder at you as you run by...and it's awesome!  At the end of the race there is a party with music and "color bombs" (periods when powder is thrown by everyone from everywhere).  It was definitely not your typical fun run!  Obviously by the end of the run your white clothes have become multi-colored.

Yes it was!

Six friends and I formed a team (The Glitter-itas) and all "ran" together.  I loosely use the word run because it was more like running, walking, stopping to take pictures along the lakefront, skipping, and dancing.  Needless to say no one was running for time or a personal record.  

Clean and white before the run.

 Stopping along the way for one of many photo opps.

Just a little bit of color.


It was an incredibly fun run and I cannot wait until next year to do it again.  It has definitely made me want to look into other fun and different runs around Chicago.  There are always so many new and exciting runs happening and you don't have to be a runner to do them.  You just have to have fun!

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