Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Froyo Day!

Today is a wonderful day.  Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day!  I know that I plan on treating myself to an incredible, yummy bowl of frozen yogurt tonight after dinner and hope you do too!

Everyone loves Pinkberry, but it's not my personal favorite.  Don't get me wrong...if someone asked me to join them at Pinkberry, I would not hesitate to say yes and would be more than happy to go.  However, my favorite frozen yogurt place in Chicago is Forever Yogurt.  How could you not love a self serve place with multiple flavors and an abundance of toppings?!  Here is my most recent concoction: chocolate froyo with sprinkles and s'more bites on top and blueberries on the bottom...yummy!

I recently saw a recipe (on Pinterest...obviously) for making frozen yogurt using frozen bananas, so I decided to give it a try.  I combined my banana (for one serving use 1 frozen banana) with crunchy almond butter and dark chocolate pieces.  Overall, I thought it was a success and so easy to make.  While I'd prefer frozen yogurt, its a great at home healthy alternative.  Next time (and my advice to you if you try it at home), I would add cocoa powder to the frozen banana to lessen the dominating banana flavor.

Not the prettiest picture, but that's what it looked it!

Go out and celebrate National Froyo Day!  Enjoy!

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