Friday, June 8, 2012


I was watching the news and saw a fascinating story about a trainer who went to great lengths so that he could relate to his clients better.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer who would refer to himself as a fitness addict.  Manning had never been overweight, never craved junk food, and never missed a work out (who is this guy?!).  Having difficulty reaching out to some of his clients, Manning wanted to find a way to better understand his clients.

This is how he looked/his measurements in the beginning.

Manning decided that for 6 months he would "let himself go".  He stopped exercising and ate fast food and processed food.  Throughout the 6 months, Manning blogged and chronicled his experience.  In the first month alone, Manning gained 21 pounds.  After 6 months, Manning gained almost 75 pounds.  Not only did Manning experience weight gain.  He also experienced medical and emotional changes.  His glucose and blood pressure levels were high.  He became lazy, easily winded walking up stairs, and lost his self confidence.

After 6 months of "letting himself go", Manning spent the next 6 months working out and getting back into shape.  He wanted to show that just as a person can fall out of shape, a person can get back into shape and gain back their health and confidence.  Manning had his big reveal on Good Morning America. and wrote a book about his experience called Fit2Fat2Fit.

I was amazed at the lengths Manning went in order to relate to his clients.  Manning gained a better understanding of the emotional and physical strains that many people face when both at a stage in life when they are overweight and when they are trying to lose weight.

You can check out Manning's blog by clicking here and see his appearance on Good Morning America here.

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