Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Opps and the Olympics

The lululemon by my apartment has free running groups to help prepare people for the half and full marathon.  These groups are led by what they call their "running ambassador".  They have group runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as well as speed training on Wednesdays.  I decided to try the speed work run.  I was excited to run with and meet some new people.  I realized too late that what I thought was a 6:30 pm run was actually a 6:30 am run.  Oops!  I will definitely make sure to remember that minor detail for next week!

The Olympics start tomorrow and I am so excited!  I love the excitement and camaraderie that always builds around Olympics time.  I am by far someone who loves summer Olympics more than winter.  Everyone has the sports they love to watch.  Mine are swimming (for Ryan Lochte obviously), diving, soccer, and volleyball.  

I heard on the news the other day that this is a big year for women at the Olympics.  First of all, this is the first year that USA has more female competitors (269) than male (261).  Also, this is the first Olympics that Brunei, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia will have women competitors.  One female athlete that I am definitely excited to watch is Missy Franklin.  Even at such a young age, Franklin is the first American female swimmer to qualify for seven events.  In all of her interviews, she sounds like a sweet regular (meant in the best way possible) teenager.  She states that she hopes to do her best and simply enjoy her time at the Olympics.

Missy Franklin

Tahmina Kohistani

Couldn't resist adding a picture of Ryan Lochte (and you know you are happy I did)

There are always some odd sports that are part of the Olympics.  I am personally surprised to see table tennis, shooting, archery, and race walking (you should see me walking down Michigan Ave on a weekend. I could surely compete in this event) as part of the summer Olympics.  Check out these weird Olympic Sports and see what other people think of them as an Olympic sport.

Seeing race walkers always makes me laugh because they always look so silly wiggling their little butts.

I'm excited to watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow with a couple of my girlfriends!  We are all bringing snacks to represent different countries.  I'm excited to see what yummy things my friends think to bring.  And obviously I can't wait to see what amazing performance is done and the lighting of the Olympic Torch!  Let the Olympics begin!

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